Flowers help Zillah Minx recover. Her new film

This video shows English punk band Rubella Ballet live, with Zillah Minx singing False Promises.

Zillah is not only a singer, but also a filmmaker. She made the film She’s a Punk Rocker, about women in punk in the UK.

She, and her partner/drumming bandmate Sid Truelove, are making a new film, She Rocks Punk, about women in punk worldwide.

From the Netherlands, she interviewed poetess and fanzine author Diana Ozon and Cheap ‘n’ Nasty bass/vocals Terry for that film. She got to know Terry in 1980 when they both stayed at the Poison Girls’ place just east of London. There are plans to have Terry’s interview online soon. Sid Truelove is asking Terry for a singing contribution to the film.

You can contribute financially to this new film at

Unfortunately, Zillah is now in a long recovery process from having two broken ribs. Sid wrote that receiving a bunch of flowers in Rubella Ballet colours, pink and purple, sent by Cheap ‘n’ Nasty vocalists Terry and Herman through a Leiden flower shop, cheered former florist Zillah up.

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