Zillah Minx asks Terry of Cheap ‘n’ Nasty for new film

This January 2021 video from Britain says about itself:

She’s a Punk Rocker UK

Full film documentary ‘She’s A Punk Rocker U.K’ Directed by Zillah Minx, premiered to an enthusiastic reception at the 15th Raindance Film Festival 2007, A D.I.Y documentary made over a period of ten years without funding.

“I wanted to make a documentary about real punks – to explore what it’s like to be a punk and why women became punks.” Zillah Minx in The Guardian, Leonie Cooper. Aug 2007.

Punk Rockers existed on the streets of London before The Sex Pistols appeared on television to reveal punk rock to the world. In 1976 I was one of those punk rockers I was a 15year old girl living at home in London’s east end. We created our own fashions & entertainment.

Being a punk living in London’s east end and in a band Rubella Ballet since 1979 I got to know a lot of punks. I decided it was time to make a documentary to hear our punk herstory from us. The punk women who were actually a part of the scene, the punks who were there creating our punk ethos. I started to interview women for this film in 1996. I used a borrowed camera, researched and interviewed everyone myself. I did all the work to keep the project going.

The documentary includes interviews with many key figures in the punk scene with Poly Styrene – X-Ray Spex, Gaye Black – The Adverts, Vi Subversa, -Poison Girls, Eve Libertine & Gee Vaucher, CRASS, Helen of Troy FU2, Caroline Coon Journalist & CLASH Manager, Ruth & Janet- Hagar the Womb, Michelle-Brigandage, Olga Orbit-Youth In Asia, Lou Moon -Evil I, Julie Burchill- Journalist & more.

Zillah plans a new film, this time with interviews of punk women worldwide. See her Patreon link here. She intends to interview, eg, Terry, bass/vocals of Cheap ‘n’ Nasty, whom she had met first in 1980 at the Poison Girls‘ place. Terry is one of very few Dutch people who were already punk in Zillah’s first year, 1976.

3 thoughts on “Zillah Minx asks Terry of Cheap ‘n’ Nasty for new film

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