Cheap ‘n’ Nasty audio cassettes rediscovered

Levendaal 101

Cheap ‘n’ Nasty, 6 April 1980, Levendaal 101

On 5 April 2022, in a basement, two audio cassettes by Cheap ‘n’ Nasty were rediscovered: our second concert on 6 April 1980 in Levendaal 101 squat in Leiden, and another one where I don’t know yet what is on it.

The setlist of what we played in April 1980:

1. Back at square one. 2. Living in a middle-class neighbourhood. 3. I got rabies. 4. Thalidomide (song sent at the request of Crass to Crass Records for inclusion on the first Bullshit Detector sampler LP. Later, Crass Records decided to have only UK bands on the album). 5. Fool’s Lesson (written by Maarten, who could not play that night. Wim of Munk the Punk and his Flying Testicles replaced him as drummer. He didn’t know our songs and played at half speed). 6. No more violence on TV (only song of the set which would later be recorded on our Covergirl EP). 7. Test tube babies (not the song of that name by the Plasmatics).

Women in punk, Cheap ‘n’ Nasty till Moron, 18 June

Women in punk 18 June 2022 poster

Women in punk 18 June 2022 poster

Dr Helen Reddington aka Helen McCookerybook will be the interviewer at the keynote panel of the Saturday 18 June Punk Scholars Network Netherlands conference day in OCCII in Amsterdam. The theme of that day is Women in punk in the Netherlands.

She will interview four women, representing four punk waves in the Netherlands, from the 1970s beginning till today.

First, 1977, wave: Terry of Cheap ‘n’ Nasty. Late 20th century: Wick of Bambix. Early 21st century: Andrea Gálova of De Fatwa’s. Most recent, 2020s wave; Emma Paulissen of Moron.

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