Cheap ‘n’ Nasty 1981 Ipswich concert setlist

Ipswich 1981 setlist

Cheap ‘n’ Nasty 1981 Ipswich concert setlist

This is the setlist of the 7 August 1981 Cheap ‘n’ Nasty concert in Ipswich.

On that day, the tiny car of Cheap of Nasty bass/female lead vocals Terry went aboard the Hoek van Holland ferry to Harwich, England. That ferry was then owned by the Stoomvaart Maatschappij Zeeland company. Four band members fitted just narrowly into the car. Saxophonist Raphaelle Devins could not go along because of lack of space.

Terry drove us from Harwich to Ipswich, to play at the local Kingfisher pub. Local band the Adicts were among the audience.

Our setlist then: 1. Back to square one. 2. Sirens. 3. Living in a middle-class neighbourhood 4. Rock star. 5. I got rabies. 6. Leather jacket. 7. I don’t like it. 8. Forever (not the later Siouxsie and the Banshees and Maid of Ace songs of that name). 9. No more violence on TV (on our Covergirl EP). 10. Test tube babies (‘The Plasmatics song?’ Plasmatics guitarist Wesley Beech asked. No, a different song).

Encore: 11. Martian invasion. 12. Covergirl.

We spent the night on mattresses on floors of the home of the parents of Phil Cheeseman, then editor of the local Anti-Climax fanzine. Next day, we went to London, for our Sounds interview, for replenishing the Rough Trade stock of our Covergirl EPs, for replenishing Terry’s stock of hair dye from the hair dye shop next to Rough Trade, and a Ruts DC concert in the evening.