French/Dutch Lou’s punk women, new picture

The Lou's from NME January 1979

The Lou’s from NME January 1979

This picture from British music weekly New Musical Express, January 1979, is by graphic designer Loulou Picasso of French art collective Bazooka.

It depicts the all-women punk band the Lou’s. Three band members French, drummer Sacha/Saskia/Syama from Leiden in the Netherlands. On the picture from left to right: Sacha, guitarist Raphaelle Devins, Pamela Popo vocals/guitar, Tollim Toto bass.

Back in Leiden in 1981, Sacha founded the Miami Beach Girls. Raphaelle joined Cheap ‘n’ Nasty as saxophonist. The two bands played together, eg, in Paradiso in Amsterdam in August 1981.

Nick Cave’s Birthday Party/Cheap ‘n’ Nasty poster

Nick Cave's Birthday Party Cheap 'n' Nasty poster

Nick Cave’s Birthday Party and Cheap ‘n’ Nasty poster

This 1981 poster announced a concert by Nick Cave’s The Birthday Party and Cheap ‘n’ Nasty in Oktopus in Amsterdam.

As Nick Cave and his bandmates did not turn up, the concert as announced did not go ahead.

I have rediscovered this poster after forty years (thanks Michael!).

I have forgotten whether we alone played, or that the whole gig was cancelled.